Do we do dry needling?  Yes we do.   What it it?


Put in simple terms dry needling / Western Acupuncture is another name for Acupuncture but it  is performed by someone who is not a qualified acupuncturist inserting acupuncture needles into an area or location where you may have pain or discomfort.  Acupuncturist are university trained to insert acupuncture needles. They do a four year training in health science with a bachelor degree for Acupuncture. So yes we do dry needling but the difference is we are trained and we do not just insert random needles in one location.  We are trained to follow the pathway, the muscle/tendon etc and insert the needles at the area, depth and manipulation necessary to help you get relief. We also look at why you have this pain.  It could just be from a trauma/injury, it could be where you are holding stress, it could be associated with another health condition.


So yes we do dry needling if you wish to call it that but the difference is we are qualified acupuncturist and therefore we strongly recommend that you only attend an acupuncture clinic where the acupuncture / insertion of acupuncture needles is done by a qualified acupuncturists.