Understanding why you can’t just stop

                           The mental side and the physical side


     The Physical Addiction

  • The craving. This is a very real feeling.
  • Smoking causes a physical craving.
  • Nicotine is addictive because it triggers a reaction in the brain system, the structures responsible for giving us pleasurable sensations.
  • Imagine a Christmas tree all lit up. The lights are flashing and constantly reacting.  This is what smoking does.  The nicotine stimulates receptors, and this results in further neurotransmitters. They are active and you have to physically turn them off to stop the craving.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The mental/ psychological addiction.
  • When you start smoking it causes a chain reaction.
  • What happens you smoke a cigarette DHEA gets released and you feel calm and your anxiety is gone. However cortisol is still being pumped in your body so as soon as the DHEA diminishes the anxiety, stress, irritability returns.
    A distorted memory began. Your subconscious mind has an answer for the fight or flight.  Smoke feel better, stop and you don’t feel better.

             Can you stop? Can you overcome this? YES YOU CAN.


  • Answer to the craving: Our amazing stop smoking acupuncture treatment is very effective in stopping the cravings and wanting a cigarette. How easy is that?  No work on your part and it has a very high success with one treatment only.  You come into the clinic wanting a cigarette and go out not wanting one. How does it do this?  The sequence and the affect of the acupuncture on your body seems to magically turn off the receptors in the brain that crave nicotine.  Just like all things including western medicine we cannot fully understand why or how they work but they cause an effective response. Just like a Christmas tree our treatment has turned off the lights. The lights stop working.  Our treatment seems turns off the receptors and overtime they fade away and disappear.


  • Answer to the mental / physiological attachment: With our herbs the help is there for the mental addiction to ease anxiety, the stress and the fatigued.


The Amazing Stop Smoking Treatment as a high success rate with one treatment only for those that want to stop smoking


Note – Although this treatment was specially for nicotine addiction we have had success with marijuana addiction.  This was brought to our attention by patients who came in for the treatment and did not tell us at the time they were wanting it for marijuana addiction.


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