Myth:  Smoking is a choice.

First time Yes. 

Second time maybe. 

After that?  Not really.  When you smoke a cigarette you turn on the nictotine receptors in the brain.  Within 20 minutes your body craves another cigarette.  The addictation has taken over.

 2018 Jan; 51(1): 1–5.
Published online 2017 Nov 29. doi: 10.3961/jpmph.16.088
PMCID: PMC5797716
PMID: 29397646
The state of the art of current medical research into the structure and function of the brain, based on various research methods such as neurophysiological studies, neuroimaging studies, and neurocognitive function tests, demonstrates that changes occur in smokers’ brains. Such changes include changes in the nicotine receptor; changes in the reward circuit in the midbrain and limbic system, which is strongly related to drug addiction; and structural and functional changes in the frontal lobe of the cerebrum, which governs higher cognitive functions.

Do you want to Quit?  If so we can help turn off those cravings.

We have an amazing acupuncture treatment that will turn off these cravings within 10 minutes of our treatment.  This has a very high success with one treatment only.





This is a specalised acupuncture treatment.  It is not a traditional acupuncture treatment but one we have founded.  We haven’t been around for 36 years without having the experience to put many years and hours into getting this treatment right.

It involves 5 acupuncture needles (very fine needles) one in particular that appears to turn off the nicotine receptors.  We ask you to come in craving a cigarette and usually within 10 minutes of the treatment your cravings for nicotine go.  We also include all natural herbal drops to be taken to help with anxiety/stress and to clear the lungs.  These are not necessary for the treatment but are included complimentary.


The cravings will stay turned off unless you smoke again which will slowly start turning them back on BUT there is no reason to smoke again if you have NO desire/craving to do so.

High success with one treatment.


$135 incl herbs.


Save money, Be Smoke Free, Get Healthy.  


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Note – Although this treatment was specially for nicotine addiction we have had success with marijuana addiction.  This was brought to our attention by patients who came in for the treatment and did not tell us at the time they were wanting it for marijuana addict


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