Are you ready to give smoking the Flick?

You realize cigarettes are too expensive?

You know you are addicted?

The cravings get to you?

You want to get healthier?

You do not want your kids to think smoking is ok?

Then Phone us on 38865306 and ask about the Amazing Stop Smoking Acupuncture Treatment

Get Well Naturally Health Clinic 183 Old Gympie Road Kallangur

Unique treatment
Using 3 acupuncture points only
Simple, Easy and Effective

The Treatment…

Come in with the CRAVING, 3 acupuncture points are used  – within 10 minutes of the treatment your craving has gone –  you then  relax for a further 20 minutes for the full treatment to take affect.

Sounds too good to be true????  Cheran was very privileged to be taught this unique treatment by a very old 97 year old acupuncturist in 1990 not long before he passed away.  It is not taught in Australia although Cheran teaches under strict conditions to other practitioners.  It appears to work by turning off the receptors in the brain that crave nicotine.  

The Amazing Stop Smoking Treatment as a high success rate with one treatment only for those that want to stop smoking

Note – Although this treatment was specially for nicotine addiction we have had success with marijuana addiction.  This was brought to our attention by patients who came in for the treatment and did not tell us at the time they were wanting it for marijuana addiction.

As with all addictions the patient must want to stop as our treatment focuses on the physically addiction.  You must be ready to want to stop your addiction.  We do support you with herbs to take home to help with the emotional aspect.