Phone consultations are available for patients who for whatever reason are unable to physically come to the clinic. This consultation can take up to 40 minutes of your time as it is imperative that we take the time to help with your issue.  We will ask you to email your health concern and also request an up to date history of your medical history and any medication you are taking. We will then organise a time to phone you and go through your health issues.  We can then prescribe homeobotanicals or herbs that best suit you and to help you to get well- be well and stay well.  These can then be posted to you by express or picked up by yorself or someone you nominate.


The consultation is debited to your credit card prior to phone appointment.  Credit card details are not kept on file.


Cost is $55 and herb fees will depend on what is prescribed.  Homeobotanicals for a months supply  are $30.80.


We can also send full diagrams of acupressure points that you can massage yourself under our guidance for your particular health complaint.