Dynamic Herbal Energy and Homeobotanical Remedies

What are Homeobotanical Remedies?
Homeobotanical remedies are combination formulas made up of several herbs. There are one or two primary herbs, and several supporting herbs in each blend. The herbs are specific to organs or systems of the body.
Homeobotanicals are unique in that they are liquid botanical extracts that are potentized like homeopathics. Once diluted in a base, they are pounded, or potentized, to activate the dynamic herbal energy.
Homeobotanicals access both homeopathic and herbal actions of the remedy.
All remedies are the same exact potency and can be blended freely based on patients needs.
The mother tincture is sometimes used undiluted to make creams or washes.
Homeobotanicals work in four ways.
• They open drainage channels and stimulate removal of metabolic and environmental toxins.
• Nutrients in the remedies assist with the absorption of minerals and other nutrients.
• They support other therapies and help them be more effective, especially nutritional support.
• Potentizing the remedies cause them to work at the vibrational level just outside the physical body called the etheric body. By affecting the energy field, the herbal energy supports the body so it can return to balance and health. The formulas initiate homeostasis or balance to the organs and systems of the body.It is your own homeostatic responses that determines the healing action.
• Flower essences /bach flowers can be added to the blend and then the vibrational potential of the remedy can expand to the entire field.
Traditional use of homeobotanical remedies is three drops three times a day. In acute situations such as when you have a cold, the remedy would be taken more often throughout the day until symptoms abate. Some individuals or situations call for smaller doses, others more. Dosages will depend on your health problem, acute or chronic, severe or mild.
When supporting a person with a chronic health condition, remedies may be taken for many months and can help with the chronic signs.

Depending upon your response to the remedy, you may notice a change in how you feel within or short time or it may take longer. Hbs are often used in conjunction with other treatments eg. acupuncture or can be used as a core treatment to by themselves. They are safe for people of all ages and have very few contraindications. They are particularly safe and effective for babies.
Remedies are available to individuals through certified Homeobotanical practitioners only. This ensures the correct remedy is formulated for you and does not interfere with any medication you may be taking. The Practitioner blends and potentizes your individual formula and will provide instructions for use.
What is Homeobotanical Therapy?
Homeobotanical therapy was designed as a core therapy. It blends very well with other modalities.
Hb herbal energy initiates the entire healing response. The body is then more likely to respond positively to other modalities as well.
One of the basic tenants of homeobotanical therapy is “There is no one way to health.”

The remedy starts the healing response and can be quite effective in and of itself. But patients are usually offered more support than that. For example, patgients may be provided with resources for nutritional support, allergen reduction, exercise and stress relief, acupuncture etc.
Some homeopaths trained in homeobotanical therapy initiate drainage and the healing response using Hb remedies and their dynamic herbal energy before treating their patients with homeopathic cures.
Do Homeobotanical Remedies Work?
The big question with all forms of treatment, medical and alternative is, “Do they really work or is it just the placebo effect?”
Perhaps a bigger question when it comes to vibrational remedies is whether a remedy can actually affect the field and is there really such a thing as ‘herbal energy’?
Current research and quantum physics is showing that everything is energy. So not only is it possible, but there’s a strong possibility that energy healing is the healing of the future.
Many people report positive results from working with the remedies. Herbal remedies have been bringing healing relief to people for thousands of years.
In a study of 50 clinical cases submitted by six different clinicians, homeobotanical therapy was shown to be effective in 75% of those cases.
From my own experiences, I know they have an effect.