Dynamic Herbal Energy and Homeobotanical Remedies

What are Homeobotanical Remedies?
Homeobotanical remedies are combination formulas made up of several herbs. There are one or two primary herbs, and several supporting herbs in each blend. The herbs are specific to organs or systems of the body.
Homeobotanicals are unique in that they are liquid botanical extracts that are potentized like homeopathics. Once diluted in a base, they are pounded, or potentized, to activate the dynamic herbal energy.
Homeobotanicals access both homeopathic and herbal actions of the remedy.

Depending upon your response to the remedy, you may notice a change in how you feel within or short time or it may take longer. Hbs are often used in conjunction with other treatments eg. acupuncture or can be used as a core treatment to by themselves. They are safe for people of all ages and have very few contraindications. They are particularly safe and effective for babies.
Remedies are available to individuals through certified Homeobotanical practitioners only. This ensures the correct remedy is formulated for you and does not interfere with any medication you may be taking. The Practitioner blends and potentizes your individual formula and will provide instructions for use.

The best thing is they taste nice, small amounts are needed eg 3-5 drops 3 times a day, and they work very effectively.