We have  been involved in supporting and helping women get pregnant with a combination of acupuncture and herbs since the late 80’s. Our first “baby” was conceive with the help  and support of acupuncture and herbs in 1988 and since that date there have been many more success stories.  This is a large bulk of our clinic and is one of the most rewarding areas of our practice.  We also support IVF.  Acupuncture and herbs can be added as a support for the ivf journey as well as the emotional ups and downs along the way  to help get the results everyone wants.

How can acupuncture improve fertility?

With regards to fertility, Chinese medicine aims to regulate the following:

For women:
•Can support and be beneficial to helping regulate the menstrual cycle
•Can help and support follicular development in order to improve egg quality
•Can be beneficial to thickens the lining so when fertilisation of an egg has occurred the uterus is ready to assist in implantation of the embryo
•Helps to regulate the effects of stress on the body – stress can effect the regulation of ovulation and menstruation, therefore is detrimental to conception
•It’s also very important to improve the general health of a woman as possible inflammation caused by other illnesses can also contribute to infertility
•In relation to IVF, modern day research has found acupuncture and herbs can improve success of fertility by 40 – 60 per cent when administered before and after embryo transfer.
*With our treatments we support you throughout your ivf cycle.
*After transfer our aim is to support the uterus and help that all important implantation of your embryo. We also want to support he emotional strain that could be happening at this time. Many women have great embryos but implantation fails. Implantation can occur from 1 to 5 days after transfer. We use acupuncture and herbs to help support the implantation process and support the continuation of that precious embryo staying where it is meant to be. We support and encourage any ivf treatment that is undertaken.
For men:
•Sperm quality can be enhanced by improving sperm count, motility and abnormality – many factors can contribute to poor quality sperm. Acupuncture and herbs can help address these health concerns and assists with improving general health leading to hopefully improved sperm quality.
•Stress is also dealt with in men as this too can negatively affect sperm which may promote infertility in men.

* Unfortunately today low sperm or lack of mobility is a common factor with couples infertility issues. There are many reasons for sperm problems. We can help overall health which can support and encourage better sperm health.

Do both partners need acupuncture?

It is best that both you and your husband attend the first consultation if at all possible. This allows specific concerns to be discussed here at our clinic to determine the most effective strategy to improve your chances of success.
It must be remembered that it takes two to conceive a baby therefore not only the health of both parents is paramount to success but also the understanding of what we are doing and why.