want to feel good again?


do you have any trauma?

do you suffer with emotional issues?

do you suffer from anxiety?


Emotional Freedom / Thought Field Therapy could help.

We know how hard it is to just make time for yourself.  To try and come to an appointment or even to have the money to pay for consultations.

That’s why we have made it really simple and easy and have done a complete easy to understand and learn in our easy to read manual and one  that you can apply to any trauma and issue you may have.  It is easy to understand and put in to practice and will only take a few minutes of your time each day to apply this therapy.

Phone 0402400114 or message to obtain your full program.

Cost $20 and you have it for a lifetime.



Disclaimer. While EFT AND TFT has produced remarkable results, you must while utilising any of the following strategies contained herein, agree to take full responsibility for your mental health and for your emotional and physical wellbeing in every way. Neither EFT and TFT and/or Cheran Lennon (Get Well Naturally Health Clinic; Chinese Medicine Practitioner; EFT/TFT Therapist)  be held liable for how you choose to use the information below on EFT/TFT.  I recommend if you feel in any way reluctant to use EFT/TFT ,  please do not but consult a qualified professional.  By moving forward with utilising the information below you agree to this disclaimer.