This is gaining popularity as it requires no surgery, is almost painless and can be very effective for wrinkles and fine lines.  For some it can take years off your appearance!!!  DON’T DO BOTOX TRY THIS TREATMENT FIRST

  • May help to treat the wrinkles
  • May help to tighten and firm the skin
  • May also help to reduce fat pockets around the chin and neck
  • Plus the added benefit of our take home all natural anti-wrinkle serum that accelerates the results in clinic (see below)
  • Great for younger women with lines just appearing as these can almost be eliminated. This treatment then can last for years
  • For some results can be seen sometimes immediately.
  • Also great for women who want to soften their lines to create a more youthful appearance.

We also have a  facial creams that has been made specially for our clinic to help diminish the wrinkles, rehydrate your skin.   This cream not only acts as a daily moisturizer but can be used around the fine skin of the eyes and applied to your lips.  It is a all in one cream instead of having to have different ones for your eyes and lips.  We also have a wrinkle remover cream that when applied to wrinkles prior to your moisturizer the results increase dramatically.   As Cheran comes from a beauty therapy background (qualified beauty therapist 1980) she has had this product made to her specifications.  Cheran at a mature age is almost wrinkle free.



Cosmetic acupuncture can also be used to enhance the appearance of the breasts. We also have a natural cream to massage into the breast to support the acupuncture treatment and to encourage blood supply to the area.

This treatment may naturally help …

* to firming and supporting the breast

* to enhance elasticity and firmness and remarkably improve the breast contour.

* can adds smoothness and reduces stretch marks.

* may help the breast gain back their plump firm appearance. This will depend on the gravity of the breasts themselves.