Acupunctue uses fine  disposable needles that are inserted gently and do not cause a great discomfort.  In fact we often treat young children and babies with acupuncture.  This is different to adult treatment as the needles are not retrained but work very effectively.

Acupuncture treats a large number of health issues from mild to chronic.  See our heading for the full range.  Many people are surprised at what treatments we offer and can support you with.

Acupuncture can be used as a preventative medicine.  For example if you have tight muscles then regular treatment, plus massage / cupping could relax these muscles and help your muscles to stay more relaxed. Many people see their acupuncturist only 4 – 6 times a year for a “tune up” or “balancing” treatment. This can help by promoting health, energy and vitality. Some see their Acupuncturist once a month for general well being both physically and mentally. Some just want to come in for a distressing treatment and to feel calm and relaxed.

Your acupuncturist will have to look at the onset of your condition and see what your constitutional diagnosis is to determine if Oriental Medicine can help you. Each case is unique and it would be difficult to determine how effective acupuncture will be for you without a full assessment.  However for acute conditions treatments are very effective and usually quick to respond.  With chronic less treatments but for a longer duration may be needed.  Children and babies usually respond very quickly.  Ongoing support for serious health conditions is also an option.

Remember acupuncture is a respected health modality – different to western medicine but is still a traditional chinese medicine practiced for many years and it has its own place in health.   Chinese and Western medicine do not have to compete against each other they can work side by side.

Acupuncture is a complete eastern medicine therapy.  Please book an appointment to see the benefits that eastern medicine may give you.