Quit Smoking. The Amazing Stop Smoking Acupuncture Treatment


Are you ready to give smoking the Flick?

You realize cigarettes are too expensive?

You know you are addicted?

The cravings get to you?

You want to get healthier?

You do not want your kids to think smoking is ok?

Then Phone us on 38865306 and ask about the Amazing Stop Smoking Acupuncture Treatment

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Unique treatment
Using 3 acupuncture points only
Simple, Easy and Effective


How does the Stop Smoking Acupuncture Treatment work?

Addiction…  when you smoke nicotine attaches itself to the nicotine receptors, releasing dopamine. This is how you get hooked. Dopamine makes you feel good…but not for long. Once the levels drops you will feel like a cigarette again.  The more you smoke the more your brain adds more nicotine receptors for the nicotine to attach to

The Treatment…

Come in with the CRAVING, 3 acupuncture points are used  –  you relax for 30 minutes 

When the craving is gone the nicotine receptors remain and over time as no more nicotine is entering the body they disappear. Because of this the habit can be harder to overcome.  We give you drops to help these overcome this


The Amazing Stop Smoking Treatment as a high success rate with one treatment only

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